Cedar Plank Maple Glazed Salmon

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By Christina Jeffrey

This Cedar Plank Maple Glazed Salmon is easy to prepare for a healthy family meal or entertaining that special friend. 

Cedar Plank Maple Glazed Salmon is not only healthy but rich in omega 3 fatty acids, a great source of protein and loaded with vitamins. 

With the addition of the maple glaze and grilling the fish on the cedar plank, this takes this summer meal to a whole other level. You definitely need to add this one to your recipe box! 

If you make this Cedar Plank Maple Glazed Salmon, please tag me on social media.  I will do my best to answer any questions and would love to get your comments.

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THE RECIPE | Urban Baker Co.

Cedar Plank Maple Glazed Salmon
Healthy in Omega 3 fatty acid's and a great source of protein.

prep time | 20 minutes 
total time | 60 minutes 
servings | 4 people


4 salmon smaller filets or one large salmon fillet

1 cup maple syrup

2 Tbsp ginger root or 2 tsp ground ginger

4 Tbsp lemon juice

3 Tbsp soy sauce

1 1/2 tsp minced garlic


1. Soak cedar board for a minimum of 30 minutes.

2. Heat grill to 400 degrees.  

3. In a small saucepan add maple syrup, ground ginger, lemon juice, soy sauce and garlic.  Bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes.  Sauce will reduce by half.  Pour half the maple glaze in a basting bowl.

4. Season salmon with salt and pepper and place on bed of chopped green onions on top of cedar board. Place board on grill.  Baste salmon every 5 minutes with maple glaze.  Cook for a total of 20 to 30 minutes until salmon is cooked through reaching an internal temperature of 135 degrees.

5. Place remaining half of maple glaze from saucepan in a serving bowl and serve along side salmon.

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