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A Journey Of Passion & Purpose

By Christina Jeffrey

Published on April 10th, 2024

Urban Lifestyle Journal


A Journey 


Passion & Purpose


story by:  Christina Jeffrey 

photography by:  Jen NG

A story from

Urban Lifestyle Journal

Spring 2024

For over thirty years, the kitchen has been my sanctuary. As I have gotten older, I have been struck by how a simple experience with food can create so many memories; I've come to realize the profound impact of food beyond its taste—it's a vessel for love, laughter, and lifelong connections.

Which leads me to why I started Urban Baker Co. The goal was to simply convey a message driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to spread unity, joy, and togetherness. Whether around a dining table or over a steaming cup of coffee, food has an unparalleled ability to foster meaningful interactions. It's a world I've longed to be a part of - one where flavours transcend borders, memories are made, and hearts are nourished.

The idea for this business was an underlying desire for daily creativity. Balancing the roles of wife, mother, and aspiring entrepreneur posed its challenges, yet amidst the chaos, clarity emerged. Through introspection and unwavering determination, I realized that true fulfillment lies in pursuing one's passion relentlessly every single day.

The challenge was to push myself just outside of my comfort zone and let me tell you it's scary! Fear is what stops so many of us to take that leap of faith! Fear has certainly prevented me from taking risks more times than not. Sometimes we just need to get quiet and listen.

So, I embraced stillness, poured my thoughts into my journal, and with time and the unwavering support of loved ones who believed in me, I decided I wanted to share my gift.

Like many entrepreneurs, I embarked on this journey by developing original recipes for family and friends as a labour of love. 

My hope is that my journey serves as inspiration for others, urging them to embrace their true selves and chase their dreams fearlessly. It will be challenging and require a lot of learning, but therein lies the beauty of the journey—in vulnerability, in taking risks, and in knowing that every stumble is a step closer to your dream.

So here's to being vulnerable, taking chances even if you might fail, and knowing that you showed up and did your best no matter what the outcome.


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