The Inspiration Behind Urban Baker Co.

Urban Lifestyle

By Christina Jeffrey

I have loved being in the kitchen and baking for over 30 years. This means I have had my fair share of successes and a whole lot of mistakes and messes too. As I have gotten older and had my own family, I have been struck by how a simple experience with food can create so many memories.  Food can bring us together and create opportunities to share love, laughter, and memorable moments.

Which leads me to why I started Urban Baker Co. The goal was to simply convey a message that all of us need right now and that's unity, laughter, and time together. These times happen most around a table of food or a social interaction over coffee with a friend or family member. No matter what country you live in or what cultures you are a part of, food unites people. This is a world I wanted to be a part of, uniting people, creating memories, and providing flavourful food. This is how I feel I can positively contribute to the world.  

The idea for this business was an underlying desire to be creative every day. I never thought it would be possible or could ever become a reality. The challenge was to find balance as a wife and mother. To have the time to blossom and build a business that is truly an extension of me. It became clear as time passed, but mostly through quiet reflection, fully understanding that being fulfilled and doing what I am most passionate about every day, was what living my best life looked like.  

The challenge was to push myself just outside of my comfort zone and let me tell you it's scary! Fear is what stops so many of us to take that leap of faith! Fear has certainly prevented me from taking risks more times than not. However, fear unmasked is just your heart leading you to where it needs to go. Sometimes we just need to get quiet and listen.

That's what I did, I got really quiet, wrote in my journal, and with time decided I wanted to share my gift. The idea to be creative through food, creating exquisite flavours that provided people with an experience. I finally chose to listen to my friends and family, who believed in me and pushed me to follow my dreams. At that moment, Urban Baker Co. was born.

Like most entrepreneurs, I tested things out with my family and friends, developing original recipes. I loved the idea that I was creating so many beautiful memories through gathering and entertaining with food. It was so meaningful for me. So here I am. To think that all my business plans that I would write down in the pages of my journal have turned into this online shop is unimaginable to me.

I am dreaming of the same hope for others, that you may be inspired by my story and challenge your entrepreneurial self to do something that is truly an extension of you! It won't be perfect, it will be challenging and will require a lot of learning. However life is so much more rewarding this way! To be vulnerable, to take chances even if you might fail, and to know that you showed up and did your best no matter what the outcome.