What To Look For In A Protein Bar and Know It's Healthy

Urban Lifestyle

By Christina Jeffrey

It's the beginning of the workweek, you are running late for that first meeting again, with no time for breakfast. You grab a protein bar to go, assuming it's a good option. However, not all bars are made the same. Some of them are, but many of them are high in sugar and lower in nutrients.

Whatever your personal health goals, from the research I have done, you want to look for a bar that's between 6 to 12 grams of protein. Some other tips I discovered, the healthier protein bars have nuts and fruits and are between 180 and 250 calories.  The best bars are made with whole ingredients like almond butter, dark chocolate, fruits, and are high in protein. 

I created a whole new protein line with these goals at the forefront. They will help you to sustain energy, build lean muscle mass, and are a natural way to a healthier strong body.  

I am 50 years old and let me tell you, the importance of maintaining my health is stronger than ever. But one of the more important aspects of that is maintaining my strength.  I am a Pilates lover and this has helped so much, however, the foods we eat are a huge contributor to maintaining that muscle mass as we age as well.

This new protein line will help you achieve those personal health goals, sustaining energy throughout the day, and for those of you who like to snack, these will help keep you full between meals.

You all know by now how passionate I am about different flavour combinations. I have built my whole business tag line around how "Every Flavour Tells A Story". So this protein line offers many different flavour combinations which I think you will find very satisfying, not to mention they are gluten-free!

Keep them in a sealed container, refrigerated or in the freezer. Because of the fatty acids, these products will not freeze solid and can be eaten straight from the freezer. (Psst, that's how I prefer them).

Check them out in the shop and please let me know what you think! 


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